Rule MANagement for Snort 

Distributed Sensor Rule MANagement for Snort



23rd August 2002 *** RMAN v0.0.5 Alpha is out ***

We also now have three developers on board - me, Larry Baumle and Michael Boman - thanks guys!

Changes from 0.0.3a ->0.0.5a
Addtions:RMAN now handles pre-preprocessors and SNMP Status monitoring.
Fixes: \ and : escape handling now fixed. Numerous other little changes
Updates:A new updates directory has been created with mysql batch files to upgrade
from 0.0.3a to 0.0.4a and from 0.0.4a to 0.0.5a


Downloads are available from the download page and for those of you who like bleeding edge code the CVS tree is also available.

The SourceForge project page can be found here where there are 3 public mailing lists - please subscribe if you want news about further releases/bug fixes etc.


Installation instructions are on the Docs Page.
If you want help please email one of the mailing lists hosted by sourceforge or email me directly - Mark Vevers.

To do list


Here are a few of screen shots for you - the rule group maintenance screen and the rule editing screen, click on the thumbnails below for full screen shots:
(Astute people might notice that the rule ID in the editing screen is show as Unknown - this is because the rule has not yet been saved!)

One final request, if you use this software please drop me a line to let me know.

Many Thanks, Mark

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